All classes require non-refundable registration fee of $15 per student/$25 per family and last full month paid up front for May 2020.  For the Season 2019-2020 tuition for August and June will be prorated for half a month's tuition.

Tuition for September OR January will be due on the first day of classes.

All tuition rates per month are as follows for the fall and spring semesters:


Ballet V & Adv. Pointe:  $110       
Ballet IV & Int. Pointe: $110          
Ballet III & Beg. Pointe: $95
One and a half hour class: $65    
One hour class: $50     
Forty-five min. class: $45               
Half hour class: $35 
Senior Solo: $90  (1/2 hr.)   1 student

Unlimited Classes: $285/month

5% off tuition of families of 2 or more
10% off tuition of families of 3 or more
5% off  pay for an entire semester
10% off pay for entire year of dance
$285 for unlimited classes

Drop-in School Year: $15/class  

Costume Prices: Range from $45-$100 per student per class
Costume Rentals: $25-$50

Ticket prices: $15

Personalized Window Stickers with FRDC logo: $10

DVD: $25 professionally edited
Program ads are all in black and white unless otherwise specified.
Personal Ads:
One quarter page ads are $20.00
Half page ads are 5 x 4 inches at $35.00
Full page ads are 5 x 8 inches at $50.00

Business Ads:
Quarter third page ads are  $30.00
Two third page ads are $50.00
Full page ads are 5 x 8 inches at $100.00
Full page back or front inside cover: $125.00
Full page back cover in color: $150.00